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😍 Make awesome websites with these animations

Bring your design projects to life with this animated Illustration pack.

All 38 Illustrations are delicately designed and motioned based on the Vidily pack. Using animation, Vidily brings a whole new experience for users. It makes customer relationships seamless.

Freshen up your concepts, Smooth & Minimal Illustrations. That’s everyone’s dream.

Illustrations have been imported from Adobe Illustrator to AE. Each Illustration is fully customizable, e.g changing the stroke.

This pack is recommended for:


skip creating from scratch those boring mobile elements along with every new project. Use these templates to concentrate on important things.

🕵️‍♂️Managers & Owners,

get this pack and publish it for a team to provide an opportunity to quickstart massive app designing. Reduce costs and save time. It's priceless! 

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Iconly animation | The Odd Illustrations pack | Localy map asset | Vidily Illustration pack | Daility 2 UI Kit | iFrame Wireframe Kit | Weatherly 3D icons

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🤙 If you have any questions about what’s included, reach out to us before purchasing at

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